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Sept 11 - 15

We have been “Counting in the Garden” this week! We planted seeds in our garden boxes to plant a fall salad garden. Hopefully we will have a late frost! J We have also been looking at seeds and how they grow. We will continue learning about plants and seeds through the coming of autumn as plants reveal their seeds during this season. Additionally, we are learning about the critters that live in our gardens!

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, was the perfect book to introduce us to one of our garden friends, but there is nothing like watching the real thing to help us understand better! Our butterfly pavilion had two munching monarch caterpillars last week. Now it is very quiet as they have become chrysalises. We are waiting and watching patiently. As we watch, we wonder, “Why did God decide that the caterpillar needed to first become a chrysalis before it could be a butterfly?” Maybe God needed to work on him a little bit more before he was finished? Kind of like us?

Faith Focus
The story of the creation from Genesis was our lesson for the week. “Awesome God” from our Avalanche Ranch music CD keeps our fingers and thumbs pointing to heaven! We also learned that Sunday is a holy day and that it is a day of rest for us. We continue to learn about kindness as our Fruit of the Spirit.

Butterfly Club
Friday marked the first flight of the Butterfly Club for this new school year! The main objectives of the Butterfly Club are to enhance the preschool learning opportunities through an enriching environment and to encourage independence, so that we might enhance their kindergarten readiness. Butterfly Club meets approximately two Fridays per month from 11:30 – 12:30. During this time the children eat their lunches from home together while they interact and socialize. Then a math or literacy enrichment lesson is introduced and completed that follows closely with our regular classroom curriculum. This has been a fabulous addition to our program! For more information, please contact Rachel Dey, Butterfly Club teacher or Lesa Carroll, director.

Tuition Assistance Fund
With grateful hearts, we truly thank those who have donated to the Tuition Assistance Fund. We have been able to serve several families this year due to your consistent generosity! Please know that you may contribute at any time to this fund, our Professional Development Fund, or to the preschool in general. Blessings!

Catechetical Sunday
Thank you to our Preschool Dream Team! Please pray for us as we work with the littlest ones this year.

Lana Bohl TTH Teacher

TTH AM Assistant - Valerie Carlton (NEW J)

TTH PM Assistant - Ashley Grohmann

Lesa Carroll Director and MWF Teacher

MWF AM Assistant - Rachel Dey

MWF PM Assistant - Alaina Nichols