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Nov 6 - 10

We thanked God for our heroes this week! Our definition of a hero is someone who helps us and keeps us safe! While there are many heroes in our lives we are learning about those that protect us in our own hometown – firefighters and police officers. We also shared about our military heroes as we learned about Veteran’s Day and who is a veteran.

Among all of our studies of seasons, and animals, and heroes, etc., we are also working with our curriculum in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, pre-reading and pre-math skills, and so much more! We have made amazing gains in so very many areas!

Parent Conference days this week provided opportunities for parents and teachers to share information and work together for the good of our preschool children.

Faith Focus

All classes are reviewing their Circle of Grace this week. We are expanding our understanding to include ways that our Circle of Grace helps us to be safe. We also prayed for our veterans and other heroes.

Our Fruit of the Spirit for the month is Goodness. We are learning about God’s goodness and how we are to share that goodness with others.

God Is Good! All The Time!

Enrollment For Next Year!!  2017 - 2018

Believe it or not, it is time to pre-register for the 2017 - 2018 school year! Please tell those that you know that might be interested!!

Save the Date!! Parenting Skills for Those “Pesky” Behaviors

Thurs., November 16 6:30 pm @ Sacred Heart (babysitting provided)

  • Questions about discipline?
  • Difficulty defining boundaries?
  • Wanting to change your response to family behavior issues?
  • How can what I do now encourage my children to have more self-control?

We will focus on these and other questions in a workshop featuring Conscious Discipline ideas and techniques. Contact Lesa Carroll or Lana Bohl for more details.

“Discipline is not something you do to children. It is something that you develop within them.”   Dr. Becky Bailey, PhD