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Preschool Buzz...
Feb 5 - 9

Our February activities have been challenging the MWF classes to learn what it means to be a friend and to share the love that God gives to us. We have been playing partner activities and games which help us learn cooperation. Additionally, we are beginning our study of opposites and, our science focus, light and shadows. We have been experimenting with colors, shapes and light in our shadow shows, at our light table and with our Lite-Brites. The TTH classes has been learning about the post office and how the mail travels from one place to another.

Faith Focus

Taking a lesson from the parables of Jesus, the MWF classes learned about the foolish man who built his house upon the sand and the wise man who built his house upon a rock. We talked about how we should build our lives around the strong words and love of Jesus Christ! “God is the Rock! Yeah!”

We also learned what Jesus said about LOVE, when he told us about the Greatest Commandment. The TTH classes read “A Love Letter From God” and they wrote their own love letter.